College and University

Information technology is a top communications priority on college and university campuses. The institution’s network must support the needs of the teaching, research, administration, and student population.

Comm-Tract understands the multi-faceted communications needs of university life. We’ll work with your institution to design and implement a communications infrastructure to accommodate the super-high bandwidth required to run applications and provide access to the Internet, Intranet, and Internet2.

Case Studies

Dartmouth College

Dartmouth CollegeDartmouth College needed to consolidate dozens of private network into one campus-wide communications infrastructure to reduce costs associated with private Internet carriers supplying individual connections.

Comm-Tract worked with the University to design and deployed a high-speed private fiber optic network that links over 50 facilities and departments on Dartmouth’s campus. Faculty, staff, and students now enjoy efficient access to all university programs, applications, and data as well as a seamless Internet connection.

Harvard University and Harvard Business School

Harvard UniversityComm-Tract designed and implemented a campus-wide communications infrastructure that encompassed over 75% of Harvard University and Harvard Business School’s communications.

Harvard UniversityUnderstanding Harvard’s dynamic environment was crucial when working within the busy urban campus and around the state-owned subway system. Comm-Tract implemented an infrastructure that utilized both aerial and underground applications and connected 400 facilities through fiber optic wiring, wireless access points, and structured cabling systems.

Comm-Tract has enjoyed a 15-year relationship with the university and continues to perform about 50 large-scale telecommunications infrastructure projects annually.

University Of Rhode Island

University of Rhode IslandThe University of Rhode Island expanded their campus by adding new math and science facilities and they needed to incorporate the new buildings into the their current communications infrastructure. After examining several options, the University called on Comm-Tract to outfit them with a new, campus-wide private fiber optic network.

Comm-tract first deployed structured cabling for the two new buildings and then implemented the backbone of the new fiber optic network, which allowed for future scalability and telecommunications upgrades.

The University of Rhode Island now enjoys a private fiber optic network that houses applications, programs, and data as well as access to the Internet.

University of Massachusetts

University of MassachusettsComm-Tract has provided the University of Massachusetts with their telecommunications cabling, and campus fiber optical networking needs for over 10 years. Recently, UMass Boston rebuilt their current data center. Comm-Tract worked closely with the IT team from UMass Boston to redesign, and deploy the telecommunications infrastructure needed for this complete new build out of their data center. Comm-Tract installed over 60 new core cabinets, hundreds of fully populated patch panels, all cabling requirements, and the fiber linking all critical components of the new data center.

The new data center offers UMass Boston increased energy efficiency, lower personnel costs in the configuration of their networks, a streamlined process for handling the volume of voice, data, and video traffic on their campus network, and much higher access speeds for students and faculty when accessing their core university applications.